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The author has been in engineering and industry for 32 years, signing business contracts to not tell industrial secrets.  In addition the Author was in the Military and given clearances, complete to include all of them, and has taken special care to make sure there are no leaks. 


The Author is Mensa and has written Technical Books with his experience in mind to allow electricians and novice engineers to learn the basics.

The Author is a Senior dues paying member of the International Society of Automation formerly called the Instrumentation,  Sensors, and Automation Society.  The Author maintained a Certified Controls System Technician Status at Level Three for 15 years and now feels that this interface with Technicians does not warrant maintaining this because a journey man with 13 years experience and no degree can interfere with Engineering while a disciplined Engineer is in that train of thought.


The Author has been in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers previous to this year and is considering renewing his membership.  The beauty of the Institute is that it requires a Bachelors, however the dues are a consideration.


Titles Here are about PLC and HMI.


PLC and HMI Course

Basics of Industrial Automation

E Books on Kindle as well are cheaper and save Trees

PLC 101, PLC 102

HMI 101, HMI 102, HMI 103


Coming Soon

Interpreting and Design of  Controls Drawings


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Honestly these are making better sales than others.