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Technical Controls Engineering

PLC and HMI Course.††† Programmable Logic Controller and Human Machine Interface Course, Hard copy sells well,available in E Book as well.Highly recommended and has 3rd party endorsement.

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PLC 101,PLC 102,†† HMI 101,HMI 102,HMI 103


BuyBuy Buy†††† Progress in life.Learn some secrets.Find some Saints,Put down!!!!!

Secrets of Knighthood (Use these secrets in the Office,get a promotion!!!)

Honor of Knighthood and Knighthood for the Elite. Both of these sold well in their first edition that is in the Library of Congress.†† The second edition is even better. Same with The Five Generation Genesis of GodMany different Knighthood secrets are in the books.Only those who hold title and the clergy and the rabbiís know these secrets, now the reader can too. And a good seller Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood. (older)†††

A Title of Interest to the reader,†† The Bath Knight and his Ladies.†† (sort of explains who the ladies of the Knight are).

The KnightMaker†† The Priest, the Knight, and Zeus.

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New Release !!!†† Find Your Saints†††††††† Book that guides the reader thru Genealogy Research to find his or her saints in her tree.†† Once you find one of the eight Saints in the book then the book shows how to navigate to between 60 and 140 other Saints, based on the one of the eight saints.†† In other words Saint Margaret of Scotland is one of the eight Saints,so find her then the book links her to 60 other Saints.

From Blessed Charlemagne (if you can find the Emperor)the reader can navigate to over 130 more Saints!!! ††From Saint Judicael,over 140 other Saints to Navigate to.†† (Each Saint has a noble flaw)

Saint and Blessed Who Left DescendantsFind your ancestor as a descendant of a Saint!!!

Daily Saints†† List of Saints as they fall on the Calendar

Lineage of the Saints is a work that explains that the Saint got to heaven because he or she was noble and had lineage.

Major Saints Ancestry ,†† Tree of Saints,Calendar of Saints, Ascent of the Saints, Saints Who Left Descendents (first title) All these titles a good read

Vitae or Life of a Saint Books

There are seven vitae available from Starr Books The first two were Life of Saint Brychan and Life of Blessed Charlemagne.Life of Saint King Ethelbert and the Saints of Kent,Lives of the Armenian Saints,†† Life of Saint Raymond,Life of Saint Dewi,Life of Saint Judicael.These five were added later.All of these are good reads.

Travel Pictorials

These books are pictures of where the author has traveled.†† They belong to themes.Should be purchased as E-Books for display on screens.Shows the clarity of electronic pictures.†† Yes these are also available in Print, however the price is high for the quality due to the cost of color printing.Titles Include†† Rocky (Rocky Mountain National Park).Working on the Railroad (Train museums in Omaha and Council Bluffs Iowa)Zoos and Aquariums,†† Tennessee Travel,Colorado Travel,other titles.

Art Books

Kawaii Fluff,Kawaii Grime,Other works.


Into Magicks?????†† Spell Book or Book of Spells is for you.

Into Money????††† The Power of George Washingtons Money is for you.

Into the Green Party?†† Solar Power?†† Controls Engineering uses the electric.††† Then Solar Solutions are for you.††† (Especially if you live away from a power grid and the high tension lines.†† Out in an undeveloped third world country, or in the mountains of the US.Solar Panels can turn your hut, your house, or your cabin into electric powered comfort.

Into Coincidence?†† How about††† Coincidence and Just Happenings of a Retired Top.For sale for people who want to know who do not have a need to know backed by a clearance.

Basics Genealogy for Beginners is a good title


Check out the Poetry.†† Find the ad on the Internet, Join the team, sell Books from Starr Books on Commission.Find the Ad on the Internet,†† Buy a Starr Books Title,†† (between $20,000 and $35,000)With a five dollar royalty thatís about 4000 to 8000 copies,you keep the royalties invest in some marketing.††††† Starr Books Recent Releases

Asylum,Food for Thought, Fear,†† other titles about the CAT

These poems where inspired by my Poetry Professor John.

Family Books

If your name is Starr there are Titles for you.††† Starr Book.†† Venerations and Navigations of the Saints and Blessed for the Starr Family.

If your name is a wife of the Starr Line then you have a Venerations and Navigations of the Saints and Blessed for your Family.†† See the page on

If your name is Spencer,and your cousins are presently Princes of Great Britain, (Or you are just into Royalty) and sons of Lady Diana Spencer (with Families) the Venerations and Navigations of the Saints and Blessed for the Spencer Family is for youas well as Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendants for the Spencer Family including Venerations of the Lady Diana Spencer and her Children.

If your name is Hills there is a Hills Family Book.††

The Starr Book Supplement is the book the Author read in the Vatican on the weekend of Mercy Sunday 2011 when now Saint Pope John Paul II became a Beatus.

Books Focused on Judaism

The author dabbles in Judaism.†† There are books with Sefriot.†† The authorís middle name is Daniel, which is Jewish in origin.Titles Include†† Hebrews,†† Extra Hebrew Intelligence, More Hebrew Intelligence

Starr Books

Starr Books has been in business now over ten years.††The discoveries on the internet have built on themselves and are in the lastest works.†† It says in the Constitution,†† Scientists and Authors ,Ö.†† Their discoveries and writings.†††† Starr Books is now established.Founded in Tennessee, now a business in Ohio.It was difficult with the War Going on while the Author was in Tennessee.Most of what goes on on the front is done by intelligence here in the States.†††† As a Lance Corporal printing the known arcs of Christianity and Judaism is sometimes countered by Officers in Sir or at Rank,so a relook and rewrite until they endorse the arcs was in order.†† Yes Colonel I Stand Corrected!!!!

Diversifying thru to other Genreís than Saints and Knighthood led to Technical Literature and Art Books, Travel Journals and Spell Books.†† More Saints books and more Knighted Books.††

These books are on and Barnes and Noble .com.†† They are also on many other sites.†† The author has been placing ads and blogging over the last ten years.In addition to being Mensa the Author is or was a controls engineer.†† The Authors technical books sell quite well and are recommended by others.

Authors Credentials

Candidate for Governors School in High School.†† Trophy in the City Park for War(Chess silly ones).†† Trophies in High School for Drama and Public Speaking.††† Graduated 7th in class without doing home work.(Well versed in Juvenile delinquent)(Donít get Caught).†† College Team wins NCAA.†† Beersheba to join the USMC.Communication Clearances (as Laundry Number 51)†† Power of the Pen to see who can classify the most!!!!!.††† Witness to a bloody Marine in Okinawa. (Not Me!!! And Not for Me!!!If thatís rank I donít want it)†† †††Left Honorably 1985. (Witness is why be careful what you see!!!)††College first Associates 1985.Bachelor1997.†† Professional Technician 2001.††† Knighted, 2005.Twenty years experience in Engineering at the Bachelors Level2017.†† Joined Mensa2011 a few months before Mercy Sunday.

Authors Service

USMC in the Navy Honorable Discharge 1985, Knights of Columbus Charter Member a Knight of the Fourth DegreeScribe of an Assembly and Treasurer of a Council, Past Governor of the Mayflower Society for the State of Tennessee, Commissioned Notary Public Two Terms(North Carolina 5 Years Tennessee 4 Years), Counted the Money in the Church, Speaker and Treasurer for the Sons of the American Revolution.

Authors Memberships Past or Present

Sons of Union Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution, Lifetime Member Founders of Hartford, Charter Member Order of Pirates and Privateers, Knights of Columbus, General Society of Mayflower Descendants,General Society of Colonial Wars,6 Churches of Christianity,American and International Mensa,†† Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,†† International Society of Automation, Marine Corp League,Burkeís Armoury,†† International Armoury.††