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I am the owner of Starr Books.   I have many titles.   However I enjoy writing the books and publishing.  The research is fun, and the marketing is too much about dealing with salespeople.


Starr Books Needs an Investor to Help Get the Titles to the People.



Although my books have a big market if someone with a business degree or a good entrepreneur could market them, that would be great.

I do not have to time to properly market my books.  I work full time as an Engineer and seem to write more with such spare time that I have.

I am an established Engineer and enjoy my work and I am a problem solving mensa as well. (Registered Genius).

I would like to sell the rights to a title or two,  for say 20 to 35 thousand.   Depending on the title.  With amounts this high it would involve an attorney who knows how to make the rights legal.

This would put the title and the profit into the owners hands.

I would only ask that the authors name not change and the book contents not change.


Itís a win win situation,  the owner of the rights to the book can invest in advertising as he sees fit,  he makes some money,


I get my name out there as an author and hopefully that will increase other book sales from other titles.


Considering that is a large investment at 20,000 dollars at 5 dollars a copy that is only sales of 4000 copies.   Anything else is profit for the owner.

If you would like a copy you can buy one on


My books are based on Geneology, and Engineering, some poetry etc.

A central theme for my books is the Genealogy of a Saint.    My title, Saints and Blessed who left Descendents is written in a way to show and explain the saint, and also there is a section on ancestors of the Saint and Descendents of the Saint.  That way the reader can do genealogy research on his or her lines and hopefully be able to claim the saint as an ancestors.

I also sell vitae, or in other words life of the Saint.   For Example: Life of Blessed Charlemagne. These have been syndicated thru various orders in the Church.I hold Title as granted by the Church and the Pope has been very gracious about these Vitae.†††† They are in need of more distribution, and I am sure the Pope or his representative would agree.Perhaps a fellow who holds Title might aid in distribution of these Vitaeand are quite a lucrative sale.


Please contact  or mail an offer or request to


Brian D Starr

PO Box 43

Fairborn OH  45324


I would love to do business.




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