Sell Books on Commission


Starr Books would like you to be a salesman on the team.    The books are written and there are many titles.     A commission of 35 percent of list will put about 5 dollars per title per copy in your pocket.    The books are listed on,  with a price.


How it works.    You sell the books to a client, for any amount within 70 percent of list, any quantity, and you get any amount you can from your client, then you send the order to Starr Books and pay us with paypal.    Then I order the books and have them shipped to you.  You pay Starr Books 65 percent of list and you keep the rest.


For Titles and to See the books go to or and type in Brian Starr and see all the titles.  If you can sell the books to local bookstores, or classrooms, or Sunday schools, etc.  you could sell a lot of copies.

If you are a book retailer this offer is also for you.

A five dollar profit on a consignment of 5000 books is 25,000 dollars.


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